The Lustre & Cucine, the best lighting fixer company was established in 2014. We have completed so many projects in a short time which shows our potential and creativity to illuminate your lovely area with shiny and bright lights in a very attractive way. We are also well experienced in fixing the Pole/garden lights at the most affordable prices along with energy efficient and reliable products. There are some example ideas to illuminate your garden or exterior as follows:

  • Shadow lighting effects
  • Pathway and driveway lighting
  • Lighting steps and low walls.
  • Lighting water features.
  • Lighting plants and rockery.
  • Lighting a decking or patio area.
  • Using hanging lights.
  • Using wall-mounted lights.

The Lustre & Cucine always prefer the intentions of the client and after a few consultancies, your required design to brighten up your garden or outdoor area will be ready to get fixed with proper locations. You can send us photos or paper plan of your garden or exterior where you want to install the unique products along with best services, we will assist you quickly with the best options for your lighting ideas. How the garden or the required exterior get illuminated depends upon the size of the garden. We have so many design patterns of different size and locations. You can choose one of them with the best matched with the size and location of your exterior. The Lustre & Cucine is a well-known organization to provide the best light fixing services at the most reasonable prices in Jaipur or nearby places. If you are finding the right lighting fixer for your garden or exterior area, you just send us the picture. The Image will be processed for the best lighting design and will ready to assist you.