The ceiling light is a well-known lighting product commonly used in residential and non-residential buildings widely to illuminate the space with huge brightness and glow with the higher radius of spreading the light. The Lustre & Cucine comes with the most reliable, energy efficient lighting products for its customers with highest satisfactory nature along with the most affordable prices in Jaipur and nearby places. We are focused on the large remodelling projects to decorating a room. The services to decorate the house or corresponding building on the occasions or family function at reasonable prices. The ceiling light may have so many features along with it. Some of them are listed below: Almost invisible: As they are installed in the ceiling that is why they are almost invisible. Only the light coming from the ceiling will be visible to the objects. Out of the way/save on space: These ceiling lights are installed in the ceiling so it consumes a bit of space.

  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • No external hardware
  • Matches with the interior
  • Lightweight
  • Clean, evenly-distributed light
  • Adjustable brightness

The ceiling lights manufactured and designed by the Lustre & Cucine are not as expensive as compared to other companies’ products. We charge a reasonable price for each and every service regarding installing ceiling lights from cutting and sizing holes in the ceiling to illuminate your space in the best way.